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Whether you are exploring unconscious bias, explicit discrimation, or racism. We must first identify and understand that this is a humanity issue, therefore we must approach it as such. With a true sense of Care, Encouragement and Support. There must be a willingness for us to teach with kindness and for you to unlearn and manage your bias with accountability, self-reflection and awareness. 


Unpacking Racism is a process.


We must first understand, explore and identify our bias, then history of racism “the who , what and why” and its societal nuances by exploring how it shows up and strives in our existing systems , day to day interactions and most importantly language. 

To learn how we can support you through this process of identifying and unlearning click contact us below to connect with us.

“If we are seeking to become allies and live in an anti-racist world be must unbecome all that we know daily’ -Shu

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