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Upper House Agency supports leaders to build, rebuild, pivot or scale their organization’s behaviour, culture and internal community through performing an Organizational Audit.

The Process includes:

Culture Crisis or Collapse Analysis

UpperHouse Agency offers both preventative measures and rebuilding strategies for organizations currently experiencing or mitigating culture collapse. We do this by providing services of Mediation and Client and Employee Retention Consultations to work with your organizations unique needs. 

Care Conversations & Team Building Excercises

UpperHouse Agency can support your organization by facilitating safe and healthy problem-solving conversations between leadership and their teams.  

Client & Employee Retention Consultation

UpperHouse Agency works with organizations to emphasize employee value by recognizing that their employees are their first customers. *Impeccable client retention has been show in studies to be linked to employee retention. 

Policy, Procedures and Practices Audit Implementation

At UpperHouse Agency we are currently creating two comprehensive policies that can be implemented into any organization. These policies include The Completion and Care Policy (Employee Care) and The Impact Over Intent Policy. (Anti-Racism)

Ready to learn how we can help you scale your organizational culture and retain both employees and clients?

Click Contact Us to book your Complimentary Consultation. 

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