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"Your Employee is Your First Client." 


Harvesting Allyship Series


Language Sensitivity & Cultural Humility ​

Our Language Sensitivity Workshop examines the role language plays in our biases. While our Cultural Humility Workshop teaches the fundamental components of how to understand, build relationships and interact with racialized people from various cultures.

Exploring Racial Bias

Our Racial Bias Workshop allows Leaders to gain a fundamental understanding of what racial bias is and how it affects our perception of racialized people within your company and community.

Hierarchy of Racism


1:1 Consulting

Supporting and guiding Leadership and Upper Management on how to pivot and scale their organizational behaviour, culture and community through the UpperHouse Theory of 'Internal Client Care'.

Policy and Procedure Audit 

Sit with leadership and do a thorough review of your current policies or support you in implementing new policies. 

UpperHouse has also curated their own comprehensive policies that can be implimented in any organization.


These policies are:

1. Intent Over Impact (anti-racism policy)


2. Care and Completion (internal leadership and employee wellness policy)

Helps racialized leaders learn how to navigate and support their racialized internal community.

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