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About upperhouse Agency

UpperHouse Agency accelerates the process of pivoting and scaling organizational culture by getting in front of your organization’s challenges. We do this by asking tough questions to help your team think differently about conflict resolution so that your organization can devise pathways for long-term success.

Our focus is organizational governance and the critical importance of anti-racism, equity, and inclusion. We believe that the solution to the problem lies within the people. Through an interactive and humanity-first theory, we are able to work with leaders to develop solutions that are designed uniquely for you.

who is Shuana porter?

Shuana Porter Headshot.jpeg

Shuana Porter, B.A., B.Mgt.

Founder, Activist, Community Advocate and Chief Consultant


Shu is a first-generation immigrant from Jamaica who has always aspired to make people feel good about themselves while challenging them to be introspective and operate from a place of self-accountability. 

Her mission is to maximize organizations' potential and longevity within their industries by helping them create, evolve, and scale their workplace behaviour and culture. 

As an activist, she played an instrumental role in organizing and leading the black civil rights protests in Calgary 2020. Additionally, she is a former board member of the Canadian Voices Against Racism and the Co-Chair of the Calgary Police Anti-Racist Committee. 

Throughout her career, she has been an advocate for mental wellness and supporting those who experience homeless or live on the line of poverty. 


She brings over 10-years of Management & Leadership experience, with 7-years of Image, Branding, Style & Business Consultancy. 

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client experience

Shuana hosted an anti-racism discussion with our leadership team at a time when our organization was feeling its most vulnerable. We’re a company that prides itself on showing up for our community and had realized we were not equipped to support in the conversations around Black Lives Matter and anti-racism. Shu came in and made us feel at ease. She shared personal anecdotes that set the stage for understanding, opened the dialogue on what it means to be an ally and educated us on verbiage (Black vs. BIPOC) and unconscious biases. Shu’s discussion gave our team the confidence to take the next steps forward in our journey of allyship rather than remain silent in fear of doing the wrong thing. Since our chat we’ve sought further education and developed an annual diversity, equity & inclusion plan that engages our entire team on the subjects of education, employment, community and partnerships in an inclusive world. 

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